Our Food Problem has an Energy Solution.

Food Centers are a model for sustainable energy and food.

Hyperlocal Growth

By growing produce locally, EnergiAcres achieves a 100x reduction in emissions and eliminates 90% of food-miles-traveled. The platform ensures that fresh, nutritious food is grown within a 100-mile radius of densely populated areas, significantly reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

Resilient Energy

EnergiAcres Food Centers are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, utilizing multiple forms of recycled gas and renewable energy. Onsite power storage ensures uninterrupted operation, safeguarding the controlled environment required for optimal food production.

Sustainable Distribution

EnergiAcres' carbon-friendly approach minimizes environmental impact by using onsite power generation to support the hyperlocal economic model. This results in the delivery of nutrient-dense food that stays fresher for longer, thanks to the integrated cold storage infrastructure.

Efficient Vertical Farming

The platform's vertical farming techniques enable the production of 10x more food per acre compared to traditional farming. By cultivating produce in controlled environments, EnergiAcres mitigates risks associated with weather and pests, providing a stable and secure food supply for local communities.

Community Engagement and Education

EnergiAcres is committed to educating and involving local communities in the Food Center concept. This includes school tours, hands-on training programs, vertical greenhouses on school facilities, and integration with community colleges, trade schools, and vocational schools.

Project Planning and Implementation

This involves the detailed planning and execution process for building a Food Center, from initial site assessment, design and engineering, regulatory compliance, and construction, to equipment installation and commissioning.

Repeatable Footprint

In an age where immediate solutions often take precedence over sustainable ones, EnergiAcres chooses to focus on long-term, scalable strategies. Our repeatable footprint assures that the positive impact of one Food Center can be duplicated, triplicated, and spread exponentially.

Controlled Environments

CEA is like giving Mother Nature a technology upgrade. We're able to carefully monitor and control every environmental factor that affects plant growth—be it temperature, humidity, light levels, or nutrient availability. It's like having a perfect Spring day, every day, all year round.