Food & Energy Hub in Wooster, Ohio

The EnergiAcres Food & Energy Hub in Wooster, Ohio, is a groundbreaking project that combines sustainable agriculture with renewable energy production. It offers numerous benefits for the local community and beyond.

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Economic Benefits:

Job Creation

The hub is expected to generate 450-900 jobs during the construction phase and 100-200 permanent jobs post-construction, spanning various roles across the power, data center, and food production sectors. This will provide significant employment opportunities for Wooster residents and contribute to the region's economic growth.

Local Sourcing and Economic Revitalization

By sourcing materials and services locally, the project will stimulate local businesses and contribute to the economic revitalization of Wooster. This will create a ripple effect, benefiting businesses throughout the community.

Attracting Eco-Friendly Investments

The hub will serve as a model for sustainable development, attracting other eco-friendly businesses and investments to Wooster. This will further diversify the local economy and create a thriving hub for sustainable innovation.

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